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Electric Vehicles are transforming private and commercial vehicle fleets around the world, with rapid adoption taking place in countries and provinces with similar renewable electricity assets and populations sizes to New Zealand.

Join national and international experts to discuss accelerating the uptake of electric vehicles in New Zealand’s private, commercial and public transport sectors.

Presentations and panel discussions will focus on the challenges and opportunities of electric buses, bikes, cars and trucks; the economic, social and environmental benefits of electric vehicles, and the policy, infrastructure, skills and services changes needed to stimulate rapid uptake.

It is widely accepted that electric vehicles are cost effective, reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality.

Councils in the Wellington region are committed to minimising vehicle emissions from public transport. Greater Wellington Regional Council wants Wellington to be the first region in New Zealand with an all-electric bus fleet. Technology is evolving quickly and the region needs to carefully consider options for achieving its ambition, particularly in the context of new bus operating contracts and major fleet upgrades.

Adequate charging infrastructure, coupled with the right mix of incentives is crucial to accelerating the uptake of light electric vehicles. In the Wellington region, three publicly available fast charging stations are now available and four more are planned for installation in the near future.

Experts from a range of overseas countries will outline what other countries are doing to encourage the uptake of electric vehicles in the private, commercial and public transport sectors. Speakers and panellists will focus on what can be done to accelerate their uptake in New Zealand.


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